Art Book Fair & Assembly

In addition to the online platform, there will be the physical The Shelf – Art Book Fair happening in October 2022, which sees itself as a platform for independent and artistic publishing. Throughout one weekend we want to create a space to discuss and exchange knowledge about the book and publishing as an artistic and emancipatory practice.

By selecting a small number of independent publishers we hope to create an intimate atmosphere to leaf through publications, zines and other ephemeral material, which all share the idea of making things public and where the medium itself can be an artwork, exhibition, manifesto and more.

The Shelf – Art Book Fair 2022 will be surrounded by a program, which includes panel discussions, workshops and a number of Curated Shelves from and with people of diverse backgrounds such as queer publishing, DIY culture and more to give center stage to forms of publishing, which are usually on the margins and outside of the mainstream book market.

Curated Shelves

In addition to the book tables where independent publishers present their publications, a discursive area is also set up at the Art Book Fair 2022. This consists of thematically Curated Shelves and a large discussion table where workshops, lectures and discussions will take place. For the Curated Shelves, actors will be invited to thematically design one bookshelf each with their selection of zines, publications or other material to provide a basis for discussion for the programme.

More about the Curated Shelves coming soon!


Here you will find short descriptive texts of all exhibitors of the Art Book Fair 2022.

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Space & Location

The Shelf – Art Book Fair 2022 will take place in the foyer with glass fronts of the Sprengelmuseum Hannover. On the one hand, this space is part of the museum and, at the same time, very close to the outside due to the large glass fronts – this visual openness also determines the spatial concept. On the one hand, the proximity and permeability to the urban space will be maintained and utilized – on the other hand, there will be room for retreat and concentration. The window will also serve as an exhibition area and be used by artists.

In addition to the core team of The Shelf, the artist Max Neumann (project KLUB, among others) is responsible for the spatial concept and is developing the furniture in close cooperation with the core team especially for the event of the Art Book Fair 2022.



Nora Brünger
Jasper Otto Eisenecker
Samuel Henne
Lea Maria Steinkampf
Max Neumann



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Studio Parat


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